How do I earn Ora tokens?

Woohoo, everyone earns Ora tokens with Growora. Each action within the platform pays a different value in Ora.

Some examples of ways you can earn are;

  • Watching videos
  • Commenting on videos
  • Liking/disliking videos
  • Publishing videos*
  • Clicks on ads next to your videos*
  • Sales of premium content*
  • Sales of memberships*

And more.

At the moment, we keep the algorithm and calculations hidden whilst we determine exactly how people use the platform and why. Once we’ve established exactly how the plaform is being used we will publish public minting rates for all to see and understand.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, but this will come with time. We have to protect the value and integrity of the Ora token in order to realise our vision of empowering humanity.

*Obviously, publishing content rewards users with a larger share of Ora.